Generational poverty will stop through education.


The cost of sponsoring a child in the Colegio Empalme grade school is:

  • Startup cost $350 CAD for registration, books, school supplies and a gym outfit.

  • Monthly cost is $185 CAD for tuition, food and transportation

There are currently five orphans that need sponsorship and twelve children from the Rony village that need sponsors.
There are more children needing sponsorship but currently these are the most urgent cases.


Ian Misraym Jocobi Jiménez

Age: 8 years old

Birthday: August 18th

Goals: he wants to be a doctor to save life

Likes: play football, build with Legos and his favorite food is spaghetti

Dislikes: he does not like rude’ kids and to be disturbed by his classmates



Angel Marcos Francisco Jocobi Jiménez

Age: 6 years old

Birthday:   May 11th, 2012

Goals: stay studying at Colegio Empalme, and he wants to be a veterinarian.

Likes: run, collect boats, and his favorite food is the soup.

Dislikes: he does not like being hit by his classmates



Rubén Jafisraim  Jocobi Jiménez

Age: 11 years old

Birthday: June 5th, 2006

Goals: stay styding to be a big one scientist.

Likes: ride a bike, play football, and swimm. His favorite food is pizza.

Dislikes: he does not like what bothers him at school or that he is offended, he does not like to eat papaya


Christian Geovanny Ibarra Lugo

Age: 14 years old

Birthday: November 18th

Goals: to play football and baseball


Anilu Vargas Zepeda

Age:  10 years old

Birthday: March 2nd, 2008

Goals: she wants to be a doctor and keep studying

Likes: She likes to play with dolls and she likes candies.

Dislikes: she does not like to be disturbed anywhere and feel offending.


Oscar Armando Vargas Zepeda

Age: 9 years old

Birthday: June 21st, 2009

Goals: He wants to keep studying at Colegio Empalme and be a marine.

Likes: He likes to play football, with remote control cars. His favorite food is spaguetti


Hector Santiago Herrera Vega

Age: 6 years old

Birthday: October 27th, 2011

Goals: He wants to be a soldier

Likes: Play with machines

Dislikes: He does not like the potato and cakes. He does not like to be told rudeness