Safe Housing


Most of the homes in the Rony Village are just one or two rooms. If the floors aren’t dirt they’re rough concrete. The walls are cinder block or wood planks. There are no ceilings, so you can always see the rafters, made of tree branches, and the underside of the roof, either corrugated tin sheets or tar-covered cardboard.

“Kitchens” are just corners where there might be a crude table to chop greens. Kitchen utensils are a few old bowls, a knife and maybe some spoons. 

This is the home of one of the widows whom we’ve helped. Her house is a series of pallets plaster and wood sheets.

52.3% of the population of Mexico lived below the national poverty line. 

20% of homes (5.4million households) exist in inadequate conditions. Of these, 58% (3.2million homes) need to be rehabilitated, improved or expanded and 42% (2.2million homes) need to be completely replaced. 

1.14 million homes have walls or roofs constructed with flimsy materials.

With adequate shelter, families are kept warm and healthy. Funds can then be used to purchase resources for school and other necessities.

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