Love is what drives us. And there’s no limit to what love can do..


Ground Team

Help Mexico is striving to create change in the small villages of Mexico. It is committed by Christian values, integrity, stewardship, resourcefulness, and love.



Liliana Rebollo Lopez Cecilia Irene Sanchez Lopez
Marian Hernandez Alvarez Eliut Cruz Gil
Jose Omar Sanchez Lizarraga Daniela Perez Sandoval
Ignacio Zamorano Wilson Jonas Sandoval Armenta



Rosa Isela Romero Morales
Maria Belman Beltran
Atzimba Erandi Nagata Zulma Selene Dennis Cruz


John Peters
Myriam Peters
Hilda Pareja



Senior Leadership

Our senior leadership is actively engaged to strengthen Help Mexico's impact, extend our reach, and maximize our internal capacity.


Thomas Drobott
President and Chief Executive Officer



Board of Trustees

Our board of trustees helps us fuel our resource engine and build our brand.


Lourdes Flecha
Rosi Romero
Marcie Drobott
Caesar Mendoz