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Love is what drives us. And there’s no limit to what love can do..

Ground Team

Help Mexico is striving to create change in the small villages of Mexico. It is committed by Christian values, integrity, stewardship, resourcefulness, and love.



Liliana Rebollo Lopez Cecilia Irene Sanchez Lopez
Marian Hernandez Alvarez Eliut Cruz Gil
Jose Omar Sanchez Lizarraga Daniela Perez Sandoval
Ignacio Zamorano Wilson Jonas Sandoval Armenta 

Rosa Isela Romero Morales
Maria Belman Beltran
Atzimba Erandi Nagata Zulma Selene Dennis Cruz  

John Peters
Myriam Peters
Hilda Pareja

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Our Vision

Educators are innovators.

We have taken an interest in the country of Mexico which hosts the world's largest population of young people without proper education or a hopeful future. As part of the family of God, these children have great potential as artists, engineers, dotors, and the like.

At Help Mexico, it is our desire for these young people to reach their full potential by laying down a firm foundation. We believe that if we impart a clear vision of God's value of them and give them skills that will enhance their natural talents, they will fulfill God's purpose for them in this life.

To reach Mexico for Jesus, reaching youth is not enough. We must impact families. HELP MEXICO is also engaging in outreach opportunities to aid the destitute. We are reconstructing dilapidated homes, partnering to handout food stuffs and providing Jesus-centered programs to direct their minds to the real Provider.

Please pray for these children and this ministry. The potential that this ministry can reach is dependant on your prayers. In eternity you will more fully see the effects of your determined efforts.

Thomas & Marcie Drobott, Executive Directors, Mentors

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The walls are up!

Maria’s house is really coming along. The walls are finally up, and Maria is HAPPY! See the project at https://www.helpmexico.org/maria

We Are Happy To Present Our New Blog

Hello everyone. Welcome to our Help Mexico blog.

We’ll try to keep you updated on projects, progress, plans and challenges and also on pertinent issues facing the community. We will share stories of the impact our programs have made in the lives of the locals and how they have touched the lives and hearts of all who contribute toward improving the conditions here.

Watch our one minute video on YouTube. https://youtu.be/MqfWwuzCJXE - please share it with friends, family and contacts.

Donating to the causes you care about not only benefits the charities themselves, it can be deeply rewarding for you too.  Regardless of whether you give your time, skills, knowledge, financial support, or even just help spread the word, you will be a very much appreciated part of a team of caring individuals helping to make some vital and positive changes. YOU can help break the cycle of poverty and despair.

I hope you will join us on our journey. Together we can make a real difference!

Have a great day,


Tony Kohlruss