Healthy Kids


Mexico is marked by an enormous gap between the rich and the poor. Thousands of people live in shacks where they lack access to basic services. Thousands of children at school age who come from poor families also do not attend school. Among the most affected groups are children from migrant farm workers and indigenous families. In rural areas, school infrastructure is often desolate and the teaching is done under precarious conditions.

Domestic violence remains an issue in Mexico: one of every three children has experienced physical abuse, intimidation or sexual abuse in their home. Physical punishment by other family members has a dramatic impact on a child’s development. On average, two fourteen-year-olds have been murdered in Mexico each and every day throughout the past 25 years.

Currently we are distributing food to 10 families in need. These food deliveries go to 14 children that are sponsored in the school from the Rony Village. The goal is to provide good nutrition for optimum learning. 

We would like to add more families to the food delivery program from the Rony Village which is the poorest village in the area. If it weren’t for these deliveries, many of these families would go without food.

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