Sponsor a Campaign

By sponsoring a campaign you help us provide ongoing support to children and families in desperate need of support.

It also enables us to respond to emergencies swiftly and effectively, and allows us to commit to long-term development programs.

Through your generous support, you equip us to impact the lives of more people in need.


Safe Housing 

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More than 59.8 million Mexicans do not have the economic means to buy or build adequate housing. Of the employed population (about 1/3 of Mexicans), 7 million earn less than the minimum wage, and 10 million make less than two times the minimum wage per day.

This means that more than half of Mexico’s employed population makes less than $40 a month, yet these workers support half of the nation’s families. 

Our goal is to develop a self-sustaining funding model for our work and ensuring ongoing operation of building sustainable homes in Mexico is met.

Healthy Kids

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Children need loving caregivers, health care, nutrition, clean water and sanitation, education, opportunity and safety.

If any one of these is missing in a child’s life, his or her potential may remain out of reach.

Help Mexico is trying to improve children’s well-being by implementing a weekly support program that delivers every day essentials to their homes and communities.


Continuing Ed.

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Poverty and education are inextricably linked, because people living in poverty may stop going to school so they can work, which leaves them without literacy and numeracy skills they need to further their careers.

At Colegio Empalme, we are currently running a Christian-based curriculum with a focus on Music and English acquisition for grades K - 9.

Our long term goal is to add grades 10-12 and teach different skills such as carpentry, agriculture, esthetics, nurse’s aid, massage therapy and etc. so that the students will be qualified to work immediately after graduation.

The school relies on donations to run the kitchen and transportation services and upkeep of building. All incoming tuition goes to pay teachers and staff salaries which is also subsidized by donations.

Successful Students

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Mexico spends a lower share of their gross domestic product (GDP) on education, which makes public education less available (particularly to the poor) and of lower quality. Overcrowded classrooms, broken desks, no computers — all are common sights in school districts with budgets that don’t meet students’ needs.

Our aim is to give Mexican children an opportunity to be engines of transformational economy:

  • Creating critical thinkers with STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) education.

  • Constructing safe and supportive community-based schools with better infrastructure and an environment conducive to learning.

  • Preparing children for leadership roles within their communities.